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Mobile device


Intended use: A mobil device for transporting loads up to 27t

Load capacity: 25 ton

Weight: 25 ton

Height 2 750 mm

Width: 1 800 mm

Height of the fully extended boom: 7 900 mm

Lenght of forks: 2 500 mm

Height lifting: 2 500 mm

Power supply method: electrical ( operated via a remote controller)

Companies in the Group

logo ms service

We are a well-established company offering comprehensive services for the paper and corrugated board industry in Poland. Our area of activity is the repair, servicing, repair and modernisation of corrugated board machines as well as the commissioning, diagnosis and repair of electronic equipment.


logo ms industry

Our team consists of people with extensive experience in the maintenance of radial and positive displacement blowers. Many years of experience, as well as training cycles conducted by Howden – manufacturer of equipment brands such as: HV Turbo, Roots, or Dresser, led us to join forces and create MS AIR SOLUTION.